The IWCZ is a vibrant, lively and talented group of women ready to lend a hand to newly arrived ladies coming to live in Croatia.  
The Club was founded almost 25 years ago to help accompanying spouses to adapt to this country and to socialize, to get to know other women who were also in Zagreb under a similar situation. Through an assortment of activities such as conversation groups, playing groups, physical activity groups and fun tours in and out of Zagreb, the expat ladies are able not only to socialize but also get to know this beautiful and diverse country of Croatia. At the same time we do charity and have provided help to many institutions in need. 
Last year, after much demand and requests from expats ladies coming to Zagreb not as accompanying spouses but as working women and entrepreneurs themselves, we opened a new element of the club still under the umbrella of IWCZ to allow these ladies interrelations with likeminded ladies, to network but also to socialize amongst themselves and the other members of the Club. 
 Beyond that, we also offer several night and weekend activities to be shared with spouses and friends and a Kids Club and a Toddlers group to allow our lady members a complete incorporation into a pleasant and enjoyable life in Zagreb.

Hafiza Richany